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Relationships between Turkey and Israel: Not Missing the Chance

            The two important countries, which are of crucial importance to the Middle East region, Turkey and Israel, are now in the process of an intense tension. How will the peace be provided when the tension between Turkey and Israel is taken into consideration in addition to the Middle East's decades of instability and the tension between Arab world and Israel in this instability? If we take the recent events into consideration, how should we interpret situation? As a deteriorating process or a chance to provide peace in the Middle East. Crisis in the World Economic Forum in Davos is a milestone in the relationships between Turkey and Israel.It should be understood that there is no part for such a willful country as Israel in the 21st century world. Davos is the beginning of a process in which it should be understood that Israel-focused policies cannot be achieved in today's world in which the concept of interdependence is uttered more often.
            Latest ambassador crisis has something to do with failing to forget about what happened in Davos and longing for such a willful Israel state before Davos. Absolutely ,Each state wants to act willfully and makes himself untouchable under the name of nationalism. But, Today’s world offers us reality that you can not make any profit through war and no one can be indifferent to death of civilian people and children. The Turkey’s Prime Minister R.T. Erdoğan’s “One Minute” event not only made sense in today’s world, but also points to beginning of an ineluctable process. This process refers to the fact that Israel will not be able to act willfully and will be forced to counterparts to Palestine ,whose land he occupied under the equal conditions. Because not only Arab world but also strategic allies of Israel show serious reactions to Israel. The recent process shows that Turkey ,whose ancestor “Ottoman Empire” embraces the Jewish people expelled from European countries, can not remain silent to Israel’s disregard of international laws.
            Israel needs Turkey in finding solutions to problems with Palestine and problems about Golan Heights with Syria ,because Turkey’s latest activities and struggles in the point of foreign policies  in finding solutions for the problem of in Middle East region was acclaimed by international public opinion. Thus, the U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley answered the question about how USA interpret the latest tension in his daily press briefings “While I am pointing out that Both Turkey and Israel are allies of USA, and Turkey struggles for peace of Middle East and has an important mediator roll ,We appreciate the Turkey’s effort to help the countries in Middle East ,I wish this would go on”1 Therefore, He emphasizes the important part of Turkey in the Middle East region and declares their support for Turkey.Policies that Israel follow in the relationship with Turkey must be more thoughtful and strategic in such a situation in Turkey has become more important.
            Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister was forced to apologize to Turkey for ineptness and nonsense of the message they tried to give through making ambassador to sit a lower seat and not shaking his hand.Davos is a beginning of a process in which Turkey provokes a strong reaction in Arab world  with following consistent policies and his tough stance against Israel. Israel should react more conciliatory and pragmatic in a world in which he is getting lonely day by day.Jewish columnists think that Israel did not gain antything, but , humiliated himself with the the seat crisis which was done because of the thought that Turkey is deliberately wakening the anti-semitism with the tv series broadcasted .2
            Israel and Turkey relations come to the point which revealed the risk of Israel’s losing closest Middle East ally. The tension between Turkey and Israel who especially have high-level military cooperation stems from the  Israel's fragile coalition government.3 The motif underlying the seat crisis can be the thought of making profit for Lieberman and his party with policies based on anger against Turkey ,during Lieberman is sitting in the seat of Israel's foreign minister.4 Because, the deputy foreign minister made a statement immediately after apologizing.“If broadcasting of anti-Semitist tv series are carried on, Turkey ambassador can be deported.”5 But the Israeli Foreign Ministry did not understand the fact that Turkey is the only chance in the region for the Israel who is experiencing Arab hostility and threat, also threat of Iran. If a everlasting peace is desired in Middle East, Turkey’s contribution  is needed to make Syria ,Iran and Palestine to believe in it. Besides, Iran ,Syria and Palestine will not accept a peace process without Turkey and Turkey is the only country that can meet  Israel with these countries on the same platform. When we take The U.S. conflict with Iran, the United States and France's ineffectiveness in previously tested struggles for peace , active role of Turkey Foreign Ministry in transferring the last aid on Egypt to Gaza on Egypt into consideration All the parameters shows that there can not be a Middle East in which Turkey does not have a part .
            As a result, dependence is dominated by interdependence in international relations literature and world’s dominant power The United States desires peace and stability in Middle East. Therefore, Israel can not act willfully in Middle East. This situation refers to end of golden era of Israel which started with the war between Arabs and Israel in 1967.6 If Israel loses Turkey his only ally that he can trust ,Israel will be completely alone in the Middle East. So, Israel must administrate relationships with Turkey taking Turkey’s being important element in peace in Middle East into consideration. Liberal authorities of countries which counterpart to all elements of problems in the Middle East should meet  on the same platform. The fact that Arab nationalism and Jewish nationalism will not make any contribution to  Middle East peace is understood from the following two cartoons.
            While in the first cartoon,  Israeli media is depicting the “Seat” diplomacy against the Turkish ambassador, Israel's apology from Turkey is illustrated in the second cartoon at Arab press. It is obvious that both cartoons satisfy the ultra-nationalist sentiments and  they will enlarge the existing barriers in solving the problem. Therefore, liberal Israelis should be active in this process. Instead of taking revenge for Davos, they should question why this kind of event broke out in Davos and If Israel counterparts to Turkey who has the highest level of relations with the Jewish community , Israelis can live without fear of threat. Turkey's calls for unity government in Palestine, Turkey’s credibility in the grace of Palestinians and The concept of high-level cooperation with Syria will help Israel in solving problems. In addition to Turkey’s Muslim identity, Turkey was the first country to send humanitarian aid to Georgia who experienced a war., has a developing relations with Serbia and has a mediator identity  in the relationships between Russia and Armenia. 7 When we think the fact that Jews lived in peace within the Ottoman Empire for centuries, Turkey is the only country that Israel can trust. What must be done is to take the first steps to provide peace without acting in intolerant way. Ending the Jewish still ongoing illegal settlements and withdrawal of Israeli troops from Syria’s Golan Heights may be a good start for providing peace.

January 2010
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