13 Şubat 2015 Cuma

Needless Shame for Muslims

Recent barbaric-horrific terror attack to the well-known French magazine Charlie Hebdo warmed up and drew attention to the ongoing debates on integration, immigration, relations between the West and the East, Islamaphobia and so on. Firstly and without any doubt, all human beings must condemn this coward, cruel and outrageous attack. I firmly condemn the terror and give my condolences to the families of the deaths.

Many experts, scholars, journalist, well-known activists has wrote many things after the sobering incident. Furthermore, one of the biggest marches of recent times has organized by France and more than 50 head of state attended this unity march which sent a strong message to the world about consciousness and unity against terrorism.  All of these are the important and should be supported by everyone. However, many strange, unacceptable and pointless reactions such as Robert Murdoch’s tweet, “Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible.” have seemed aftermath of the incident. Basically Murdoch’s tweet as reaction to the horrific event was unacceptable and simply fascistic. I describe it as fascistic in basic terms because of not about being Muslim but more about being human. As being such a man; well-known, visible, educated, more or less influential, Robert Murdoch should at least know that these kinds of comments and arguments only serve to increase hatred towards Muslim and vice versa.

I would like to tell in advance that recent terrorist attack to the Charlie Hebdo has nothing with Muslims and Islam as many different terror attacks had happened during the history of human being. It is simply because of not religion and there has not yet been any religion, which order to kill or torture, in the world. One may and should ask then; “Why murderers-terrorists -or whatever you call- attacked Charlie Hebdo or terror organizations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda have been using religion and religious motivation for their existence?”.

Terror has always been using victimhood and feeling of injustice to recruit and motivate people for the most barbaric events of the world. Let’s make it simple and take the cornered cat as an example. If you follow up a cat and cornered, what would be the reaction of it? First the cat tries to escape and get its freedom back, if not successful then tries to beat you up by scratching. The cat attempts to scratch which should be read as using its entire means of power. Otherwise, the only choice of the cat is to accept being domesticated and follow up the orders of ruler, owner, governor or whatever it is. Even more the cat started to be dependent on the ruler-owner in terms of all means as such food, water etc. In this case if the ruler-owner of the cat is fair, conscientious and wise, there won’t be necessarily conflict between the owner-ruler and the cat. Needless to tell what will happen if the conditions are different?

Surely, nothing can justify violence, killings, torture, and brutality while all these unacceptable events cannot be perceived as one-sided. One might kill others in the name of everything as it proofed in the historical books. If the case is organized crime or terrorism, one also may find many reasons as motivations which lie behind its barbaric event. However, the most important responsibility of human being is not to create or prepare the ground for those motivations and not let people to feel treated unjust. Justice is the key word and comes before everything even rule of law. Rule of law is one of the principles of democracy but as human being faced many times in the history, rule of law has not been provided justice many times.         

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