15 Şubat 2015 Pazar

Was born on 14th February

Dear Friends, Brothers, Sisters, and Relatives;

As most of you know that yesterday I celebrated 28 years birthday of mine! Actually and rather than me you all made my day and celebrated it. Those celebrations reminded me how beautiful times I’ve spent with such people like you. I basically amazed that how I could manage to have a lot of friends from north to south and east to west parts o the world.   

Some of you may have never got any celebration from my side by the time of your birthdays and some of you neglected by me many times. Those omissions were not intentionally but still make me blame myself! Thus, I firmly apologize from all of you who might have felt forgotten.

There are many excuses for such mistakes; all of us have been dealing with many things in that life for the sake of being successful, making career, earning pocket money, or whatever so.

Besides all challenges what I find out is that the most meaningful part of life is having people around you who wish from their heart many good things to one another.

Since I am Muslim and even sometimes trying to understand why I am so, you all helped me in this regard to find out what is the core part of believing in God! It is definitely told in this sentence: “You will not enter Paradise until you believe and you will not believe until you love one another. Shall I show you something that, if you did, you would love each other? Spread peace between yourselves.”  
At this point, what I have been doing is trying to helpful to all people and spreading the hope for a better life... And the possibility of being rich and feeling rich even though without any money!  

The most successful career for me in this regard is being a good person with of course its own mistakes. Human being is created mistaken and imperfect! Or let’s say existence of human being is imperfect!  

Why I am very happy today is despite all my mistakes and imperfection, I surrounded with such a good people who are given by God to me as the best present!

There are many obstacles in this life in which we all find ourselves feeling lonely and powerless. However, those are the moments of being tested and whoever either has helped one another or spread the message of hope and peace, will get some help and feel of hope from someone else, sometimes even from some strangers. That’s way the friendship and trying to be a good person is the most successful career within our short lives.

I am neither a philosopher nor a teacher or do not have any affiliation related with teaching or methodology, however I am an ordinary person who has his own stories, experiences, and even more principles. Thus, I think that all experiences of human being are worth sharing with others. Otherwise, how could we learn from one another?

For the last words, I am grateful to God because of the existence of such friends who have always been with me and taught me one of the main points of life! I am grateful to all my friends who have always been honest towards me and remembered me in difficult times. Good days can be passed alone but the times of sadness and being powerless are not same and make us feel in a need of friends. I hope and will try to be with all of you in your difficult moments rather than just hoping for you to not to have bad days in your lives.

Thanks once more that you made my day great! You made me think about the past, present, and the future. You made me feel great and you also made me shameful sometimes... There is one well-said sentence; “I may forget what you did to me but will never forget how I feel that time.”

I wish you all the best my dears!  

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